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Hotel on North Quirks & Character

Throughout our journey to bring this pair of historic New England buildings back to life, we nurtured the vibrant spirit that echoes through the halls. Since the 1880’s, these buildings have always been a center for community, style, design, and social gatherings in one form or another, and the Hotel on North pays homage to that history with a fresh, modern perspective.

As you explore our Pittsfield, MA hotel, you’ll discover some quirky things that have been preserved, as well as new ones that have been added. We’ll leave you to stumble upon your own surprises, but definitely keep an eye out for…


The Gallery on North

The Gallery on North

Our own rotating exhibition of art, sculpture, photography, and other curated pieces, located just off the lobby. We collaborate with leading
Berkshire gallerists to bring it to life.

This winter, the Gallery at the Hotel on North presents Scott Taylor.

Scott Taylor is a Berkshire, MA painter who has been creating art for most of his life. Over that time Scott has drawn his inspiration from many things. Old rustic barns so prevalent in the New England landscape are a major influence for him, as well as wooded pathways, garden flowers, old rusted trucks and treed ridgelines. Elements such as color theory and composition have come intuitively to him over the years. His education stems from spending a great deal of time studying the work of artists that he admires – Vincent Van Gogh, Edward Hopper, John Singer Sargent, Wayne Thiebaud and Richard Diebenkorn to name a few. They and numerous others have had varying degrees of influence on his work over the years. Taylor’s use of color has become his signature and is apparent when looking at his work. Vibrant color first catches the eye, and through its movement and energy one is drawn further into the painting.

“I love to paint! I love everything about it, from the very first brush load of color to the last – and especially how the paint feels as the brush moves it around the canvas. Often when I start a painting I have an idea and direction for what I expect the piece to be, but at times the painting will take on a life of its own. I paint today because I have to; it has become what I do.

Ultimately I hope the end result will give someone else the same pleasure in looking at the piece as the joy that I get out of creating it.”

The Birdcage

The Birdcage

What do you do when you discover a cool, vintage birdcage elevator in the building you’re redeveloping? You turn it into a cocktail table for two, of course. Visit our Lounge with your main squeeze for a beverage in the birdcage.